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Hot Tub October 04, 2018


As previously noted, we write blogs about many hot tub topics - how much does a hot tub cost, hot tub maintenance, the benefits of owning a hot tub, but we haven't spent very much time looking at each particular model in depth, and the benefits of each one. 

Our goal is to provide as much information as possible to you, so that you can research, shop, analyze, etc at your convenience.  Some prefer to come and see all the hot tubs in person and that's great.  For others, making a trip to the store, might not be ideal - hopefully, we can walk you through each model in an effort to help you narrow down your choices, and potentially save you a trip to the store if you prefer!

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We are going to wrap up our review of the open seating hot tub models with the 'MOM' of the family - the Caldera Utopia Series Niagra. (I would consider the Salina to be the older sister and the Vanto to be the baby of the family.)  This hot tub is in Caldera's Utopia Series, which is their high end hot tub series. 

The Niagra is an open seating concept, meaning it has no loungers. This allows for more seating options and is very conducive to chatting and social interaction. If you look at the Niagra compared to the Salina and the Vanto, you will see similarities in the shell, but the Niagra is much 'beefier' so to speak - it offers a more thoughtful design with each seat, even more jets, including an increased variety of jets over the Salina, and top of the line features throughout, allowing for a more customized massage and overall hot tub experience.



 The Niagra has seats for 7 adults and also includes a 'cool off' seat.  This is a seat that keeps your upper body out of the water and allows for you to regulate your body temperature if you get a bit too warm.  Each seat has it's own focused circuit therapy layout - to ensure a full body massage if you spend time in each seat.  Or, just focus on the areas that need a bit of TLC that day. 

The circuit therapy noted in the Utopia Series represents Caldera's most complete circuit therapy package, with more targeted massage options and increased range of coverage. 

Caldera-Utopia- 2018-Niagara-ArticWhite-Sand-HighAngled-Steps

With the Niagra hot tub, you will find 6 different types of jets and 2 seats in the hot tub focused on specific large muscle groups.  The EcstaSeat focuses on the large muscles in your upper back and calves, while the LumbarSsage Seat focuses on the lower back and lumbar region.

The Niagra includes hip jets, which is an often overlooked stress point, and these jets help enhance hip movement. You will also find the Atlas neck jets which focus on neck and shoulder massage - an area where people carry much of their tension.  Lastly, the Niagra includes the OrbiSsage rotating jet, which targets the shoulder area with a unique pulsating massage and allows for water flow adjustment within the jet so your massage can be as gentle or deep as you prefer.

One of the features I love about Caldera hot tubs is the design of their footwells - they design them to not only massage your feet, but to also help you stay in your seat while the jets are on.  The Niagra has a huge footwell with dual Euphoria jets to massage your feet during your soak.  I have to admit - the Euphoria jets in the footwell are probably my personal favorite!

This hot tub comes with 2 pumps to allow for maximum customization of water pressure to the jets.  These pumps are a bit larger than the pumps on the Salina and the Vanto, allowing for a bit more water pressure if desired.  The Niagra also comes equipped with a dedicated recirculation pump, which allows the ozone to run 24/7 and keeps the water circulating and therefore, filtering non-stop.  This allows for easier water maintenance overall.

 2018 Utopia-Niagara Spec Sheet



The Niagra, like all Caldera hot tubs, has the Frog In-Line system built in to the acrylic shell, allowing for quick and easy maintenance of your water sanitizer - and we will install ozone standard on this hot tub.  You will also note a larger filter which also assists in keeping the water clean.

You will find both interior and exterior lighting on the Utopia Series hot tubs which helps to create even more ambiance around the hot tub.  And of course, the waterfall!

On the more functional side, the Niagra is fully insulated with Caldera's FiberCor insulation

In contrast to the Salina and the Vanto, the Niagra has the Avante cabinet.  This cabinet works to complement any home style and blends with a variety of architectural materials and finishes.  The Avante cabinet is fiber-reinforced polymer composite, which provides increased strength and durability, and is designed with no hardware on the outside of the cabinet.  This allows for the cabinet to appear to be 'floating' around the hot tub.




Caldera has a fantastic in depth page on the Niagra that shows the types of jets in action and where they are placed, as well as the specialty seats within the Niagra.  This page also allows you to play around with color combos for your hot tub cabinet and shell to find the perfect colors for you. 

The video below shows the features of the Utopia Series in general - the model shown in the video is the Tahitian, but is still very representative of the Niagra as well.





Shopping around and not sure how the Niagra stacks up to other hot tubs you have looked at?  Here is a link to an in depth comparison of the Caldera Utopia Series vs Marquis Spas Signature Series, and a comparison of the Caldera Utopia Series vs. Jacuzzi J-500 Collection.  While these don't compare the Utopia Series to all the competitors out there, it highlights the areas where you will find the main differences between the brands, and then you can determine which differences are most important for your purchase.

The Niagra is a fantastic hot tub for hosting friends, or just getting together at the end of a busy day to touch base with your family and enjoy each other's company without all the distractions of technology.  The open seating is great for conversation, and with targeted jets in each seat, you are sure to find your favorite spot!  


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