How Only 20 Minutes of Hot Tub Mindfulness Can Melt Away Your Stress

Hot Tub September 15, 2016

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In today’s fast-paced, ‘always on’ environment, there has been a recent phenomenon taking hold referred to as ‘mindfulness’. 

Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. When you're mindful, you observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them good or bad. Instead of letting your life pass you by, mindfulness means living in the moment and awakening to experience. At this point, you may be rolling your eyes and thinking ‘yeah right’!  

From the moment you wake, you are checking your phone for emails, texts, and updates, which goes on all day, in addition to getting kids up and ready and out the door. At the same time, you may be remembering snacks for the class, homework, doctor's appointments, extra money for this or that….then, about 7:30 am…off to work where most are inundated with information constantly. 

We no longer sit back and just ‘smell the roses’….most of us are working while driving to and from work, or using that time to make it through your list of phone calls to attempt to get through that to-do list or just catch up briefly with friends or family. Downtime at work is spent doing the same, or paying bills, or again, checking for updates on our phones. 

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The ‘fear of missing out’ has gotten to such a level that no one can seem to allow their phone to remain on silent without continuing to check for messages, or immediately look every time a notification ‘ding’ sounds… Now it’s the end of the day, and off to get the kids and proceed through the night-time routine which generally involves a various combination of dinner, extracurricular sports and clubs, homework, bath, bedtime, screaming kids, etc…it’s no wonder people don’t sit back and just enjoy anymore—who has time!!??

People today are just simply stressed and generally not finding time in their day to focus on themselves or just take a deep breath and relax. Mindfulness has been a concept sweeping the nation recently—starting on the east and west coasts and gradually making its way through the country. The thought is simple—just take 20 minutes to ‘unplug’ and simply focus on what is going on in your present. Take deep, cleansing breaths— and be ‘in the moment’.  

Do you tend to you drive to your destination and upon arrival cannot remember the drive at all? Being mindful during that drive, for example, means not thinking through that mounting to-do list, strategizing your day, or being distracted by phone calls. But really being present in the moment—clearing your mind of all thoughts, and to just ‘be’— actually know how you got somewhere without showing up and thinking wow, I don’t even remember driving here!

Many apps have recently come out to assist people with being ‘mindful’— CALM being one we would recommend from personal experience. It provides meditation topics and sends a reminder to simply stop your day for a pre-determined amount of time and be in the moment by either meditating or taking some deep breaths.  

In pondering the different ways a hot tub can help with your health, the mindfulness revolution came to mind immediately…what better way to stop and be in the moment than a quick 20 minute soak? Not only can you clear your mind, you can also get the health benefits that stem from the hot water. No cell phones allowed to avoid the potential of dropping it in the water and adding yet another thing to that to do list. 

Unplugging and soaking in a hot tub for just 20 minutes a day (more if you’ve got it), would allow that time to be more fully in the moment, with no dings or distractions. Reflect on your day, your life, and get rejuvenated and ready for tomorrow….sounds much better than an app that dings at you with just one more reminder! Purge that to-do list out of your mind, and take time for yourself every day. Whether you have a hot tub or not, it’s an easy thing that will help you focus on yourself and enjoy life in the present!

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