Hot Tub Deals & The Best Time of Year to Buy

Hot Tub November 10, 2017

Hot Tub Deals & Best Time to Buy a Hot Tub

When is the best time to buy a hot tub? This is a common question as people want to ensure they are purchasing at the best time of the year to get the best hot tub deal, and the most use. As far as price considerations, there tend to be sales in all 4 quarters of the year – the options simply vary. We will briefly discuss what we have historically noted by season, including how a new hot tub can benefit you and your family year around.


This is the season generally considered the kick-off to ‘hot tub season’ with the state fair. This is generally when you tend to see the most comprehensive round of hot tub events and specials - with the majority, if not all, hot tub retailers offering special pricing or offers. The offers will range from special financing of 0%, to state fair specials that include free products or services, to manufacturers’ offering instant cash rebates, as they also want to kick off the season.

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The cooler temps during the day lend to getting back outside on the patio, and as the temps cool off even further in the evenings, the thought of soaking in hot water is extremely inviting. Also, with back to school time, the stressors of a new daily schedule and extra-curricular activities can be a perfect time to start a new family routine to allow time for the everyone to connect about events of the day or to simply enjoy each other’s company.



You will generally see discounts on floor model hot tubs as retailers are preparing for the end of the year and looking to ‘reset’ their showroom floor for the new year with product updates from the manufacturer.

Hot Tub Deals & The Best Time to Buy a Hot TubThis is a great time to buy for holiday gifts for the family, or have a hot tub available if you are the ‘host’ house for the family get-togethers. A hot tub can be a great way to connect with extended family - soaking in the hot tub after the family dinner or on Christmas Eve, updating each other on the year’s events!

Another point to consider is the winter blues…we hear more and more about making sure to get outside and get fresh air during the winter, as the germs tend to stay in the heated environments where everyone is clustered inside – use the hot tub as an outlet to get outside comfortably every day to get the fresh air and help beat the winter blues.  Also, a hot tub is not just a night time thing – use it during the middle of the day on the weekends to soak in some sun and help with the Vitamin D intake.

A hot tub can also give you and your family an outlet with the end of Daylight Savings Time - keep kids engaged with the family during the evening hours, and away from the tv/video games a bit during those winter months.



With the thawing of winter, thoughts shift back to the patio and freshening up – a good time to revisit the hot tub purchase as people cannot wait to get outside and spruce up the backyard/patio area. Generally this is the time when hot tub retailers are coming out of their own winter ‘funk’, so there will always be some spring deals around spring break to kick off the start of the season again – these will generally consist of various financing offers or instant cash discounts. Also, if you are purchasing from a retailer that also sells above ground pools, ask about combo deals if you are in the market for both – they are eager to kick of the above ground pool season and may be willing to cut a better deal for purchasing both.

If you are out doing yard work/spring cleaning, a hot tub is great therapy for those aches and pains, and also with marathon season in the spring, it is a good way to recoup from training or any of the spring marathons in OkC you may participate in.



Not generally regarded as 'hot tub season', however, this is when you spend the most time outside, and have the most guests over to your house, even if it is just rowdy kids! Most hot tub retailers will have floor model discounts during the summer months, and also special financing offers – especially if purchasing in conjunction with an above ground pool.

Hot Tub Deals & The Best Time to Buy a Hot Tub

Hot tubs are great for entertaining in the evenings after an event filled day, and you can set the temperature a bit lower (90 – 94) to allow for a comfortable soak.  And, just b/c it’s summer doesn’t mean those aches and pains go away - if you are using your hot tub for hydrotherapy benefits, you aren’t going to want to go 3-4 months without getting in.  Some retailers offer an add-on accessory that will cool the hot tub water for the day time hours and then allow you to efficiently heat it back up in the evenings, which also allows for cold water hydrotherapy if that is something that interests you.

Another thing to consider is if you have young kids and the thought of a pool is scary, a hot tub can be like a miniature pool to allow kids to start getting  comfortable in the water – if you set your hot tub at a lower temperature, kids can play during the day and parents can glean benefits from it during the evening hours.

As you can tell, hot tubs are definitely a benefit year round – and there are always sales available - especially if you aren’t set on a certain color combination and find a floor model that can fit your needs. Definitely ask if a cash discount is available or if the retailer offers discounts if you are purchasing multiple products with them – it may not be advertised, but most will have some discount available for combo deals.


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