Easy 5-Point Checklist to Know When to Replace Your Hot Tub Cover

Hot Tub October 11, 2017

Hot Tub Cover Care; Hot Tub Cover Replacement

The temps have offically cooled off!  Waking up to 40 degrees is tough right after summer time morning temps, but it got me to thinking about hot tub season, and some good, long soaks.  One of the main tools for keeping your hot tub water at the perfect temperature is the hot tub cover, and summer sun can be tough on hot tub covers.  Now is the perfect time to take a good look at your cover and ensure it is still up to the task!

Here are the 5 main things you want to look for to evaluate how effectively your hot tub cover is performing:

  1. Vinyl - Is the exterior vinyl of your cover dry, brittle, torn or cracked?  If so, it could be affecting the safety and heat retention ability of the cover.
  2. Straps & Locks - Are they torn, broken or missing?  Safety of your hot tub is at risk if your straps are not in good condition or if your locking hardware is not functioning appropriately.
  3. Foam Core - Is it sagging, overly heavy, or accumulating puddles after it rains?  If so, this indicates a broken or bowed core that will worsen over time and create potential gaps in the seal between the cover and the hot tub.  The foam core is critical for both heat retention and safety.
  4. Heat Seal Shoes - the 'shoes' are what essentially seal the gap where the two halves of your cover come together - they prevent heat loss at the hinge (think of the pieces of the cover that are sandwiched between the two sides of the cover).  If these are torn or damaged, you will begin to notice heat loss from your hot tub.
  5. Hinge - If your hinge is torn beyond the heat seal shoes, heat will begin to escape.

Take a good hard look at your hot tub cover to ensure these 5 components are still in good shape and do not indicate signs of deterioration.  Keeping your hot tub cover in proper working condition will ensure your hot tub remains toasty warm and energy efficient throughout the fall and winter.


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