Destination Water Safety



We conclude our water safety recommendations in honor of National Water Safety month, with water safety at destination locations.  Pool and hot tub water safety at resorts are the same as previously mentioned, but other destinations such as lakes and beaches come with additional safety precautions.

  • Lakes and rivers are especially dangerous due to murky water conditions and sometimes fast moving water flow, therefore, effective supervision is critical.
  • Make sure to have a rope and throw a ring on your boat at all times that are ready to be used at a moment's notice.
  • If you are boating with small children, do not allow them to sit in the front of the boat - unexpected wake and choppy water can propel small children out of the boat.
  • Account for everyone that should be aboard the boat BEFORE starting the engine.
  • Coast Guard regulations require children always wear a life jacket when on a boat - make sure to test your kid's life jacket to ensure proper fit before going out on the boat.
  • At the beach, make sure to stay within 10 feet of your child as waves and undertows can happen in an instant and will most likely catch your child off guard.  Keep kids in knee depth water or less, as large waves will easily be over their head.
  • When you are at the beach, dress your child in bright colors so they are easier to spot in a crowd and take a picture of your child in their clothes/bathing suits for the day to have with you in case they become lost.
  • Make sure to know your location points at the beach and identify the lifeguard tower if one is present at the beach you are visiting.  Check in with the lifeguard about current conditions of the water before going in so you know what to expect.
  • Don't forget to have a cell phone handy for emergencies.
  • Remember sun protection at destination locations!  Sunblock should be applied 30 minutes before swimming and re-applied every 45 minutes to an hour if you are in the water.  Remember, the further south you go, the stronger the sun gets, and don't forget about eye protection for your kiddos - make sure they are using UV protection sun glasses!


Have a fun and safe summer!


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