Want the best pool toys? We got them.

June 14, 2017

Sure, it is possible to just splash around in your pool to simply cool off, but that isn’t as fun as having toys and floats.

At Country Leisure, we have the coolest toys around. They are great for relaxation and keeping the kids entertained.


Maybe you need to float so you can send an Instagram or tweet about the awesome afternoon you are having at the pool. This float is #convenient and #comfortable.

You can’t surf the internet, but you can surf the water with this floating phone

Is your phone waterproof? This phone is, in fact, it floats. Don’t try to make a call though because this screen is strictly for catching some sun rays.

Level up your rubber ducky

Bath time back in the day wasn’t complete without some floating yellow ducks. Now, you need a bigger yellow duck that is perfect for floating around. Maybe ducks aren’t your favorite bird. How about a ride on a Swan? This giant bird is sure to catch the attention of your guests looking to find a place to sit.


Make it the summer moto and chill with your bestie in our YOLO float.

Stay safe with star wars

Safety is paramount while chilling at a pool this summer. Slip one of these Star Wars life jackets on because Rey or BB-8 can keep your child afloat!

Kick around with your favorite character

If your kids can’t get enough superheroes, if they love Dory, or if they like to pretend to be part fish, we got them covered. These kickboards are constructed with sturdy, buoyant foam. They are perfect for practicing swimming and perfecting those kicks.  Keep your drinks handy and cool

Want a refreshing soda in the pool?

Don’t step out of the water, instead keep a floating ice chest nearby. This convenient pool toy takes comfort to a whole new level!

We have the best goggles in town

Take a dive as your favorite character. Don’t have just any pair of goggles. Instead, grab a pair of our unique goggles that feature your kid’s favorite cartoons.

A classic noodle

We have piles of pool noodles. These classic toys are great and cheap! Grab half a dozen, and they will entertain your guests for hours. They double as toys and floatation devices.

Having a Dad’s Day cookout? Needing new toys for your new pool? Either way, stop by our store and you will find everything you need.

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