5 Reasons to Keep Your Hot Tub Full and Running

Hot Tub, Retail, Service April 05, 2016

#1 – Leak Prevention

It might sound a little crazy, but hot tubs are made to have water in them at all times, otherwise they can start springing leaks. If your hot tub is drained during the winter months, and water is caught in the lines, fittings could bust underneath and cause you several leaks and headaches. Likewise, if your hot tub is drained for long periods of time, no matter what season, the plumbing can shrink and expand which also results in leaks. The best bet is to simply only drain your spa when you’re doing your bi-annual maintenance and be sure to refill it immediately.

Pool pipes and drain filter

#2 – Build-up of Unwanted Stuff in the Pipes

If left drained, the water that will undoubtedly be sitting idle in the plumbing can develop some nasty bacteria or algae. It’s the perfect dark, warm place for gross matter to brew. When you go to refill your hot tub at a later date, that unhealthy water will co-mingle with your fresh water and cause you a nightmare in water testing and cleanup.

buildup in pool pipe area

#3 – The Electrical Components Just Need to Run

The electrical components under the hood need consistency. Regular use provides that consistency. When you shut down the hot tub for long periods of time, you are shortening the potential life of all of the components. When one of those goes out, it is typically necessary to go through extensive troubleshooting, and sometimes costly replacement.

electrical console on above ground pool

#4 – Chemicals are Easier to Maintain
Every time you drain your water, you are starting fresh with the balancing act of pH and Alkalinity. These can be tricky to get into their proper ranges from a fresh fill because they must be adjusted in small increments. Sometimes this process takes days. On the bright side, once those are in range, it takes minimal effort to maintain them, so it’s best to leave that nice, balanced water in there for as long as you can.

Pool Chemicals

#5 – Keeping a Full Hot Tub Saves You Service Dollars
Most of the above mentioned reasons to leave your tub full and running involve mechanical failure, which costs money to fix. In some of the worst cases, your hot tub may have to be transported back to the factory for a complete overhaul and replacement of the plumbing. The best course of action is to be proactive and save the money on the service bill.
While our Service Department is here for any of your spa service needs, their best advice is to keep that spa running, even when you aren’t using it much. It will save you time, money, and headaches in the long run and you will enjoy it for many years to come.

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