Troubleshooting Secrets from Oklahoma’s Top Hot Tub Stores

September 28, 2017


From time to time, your hot tub may stop operating properly. When you are facing an inevitable break down, then it’s time to start troubleshooting.

The process begins with writing down the symptoms, and using them as guides to nail down the cause of the new problem.

1. Check the hot tub flush timer

Maybe you walked outside and noticed your flush system was still on at lunchtime when it is supposed to turn off at 2 a.m. If it doesn’t seem like it is working properly, you need to first check the timer. It might be set wrong. Pull off the hot tub electrical panel and reset it to the preferred time schedule.

If you try to turn the spa pumps off and nothing happens, then the flush system could be working, and it takes 15 minutes before you can turn anything on or off.  If you push the buttons for the pumps several times thinking there is a problem, then when the flush timer finally turns off, the pumps may still be on.  

The pumps turn on to a low speed for 15 minutes for the flush timer. If anything seems off with the pumps, wait 15 minutes and try to turn the pumps on or off again.

2.  How to fix the heat

A couple of problems can cause the heat to stop working. Sometimes, you just need to replace the heater element, but it could also be the pump.

It might be a heating timer turning on or off during inconvenient times, so it is important to check it just like the flush timer.

3. Decipher the error code

When something is broken on your spa, you might see an error code like: FLO, FLC, OH, DR, DRY, COOL, SnA or SnB.

  1. FLO or FLC: improper flow or pressure switch malfunction.
  2. OH: Overheat. The spa is at a temperature above 108° F.
  3. Dr or DRY: Inadequate water flow detected in the heater.
  4. COOL: Spa water is more than 20° F cooler than the temperature set point.
  5. SnA or SnB: Sensor A or sensor B is bad or has a poor connection to the circuit board.

Maybe you are having another problem. Sometimes the best solution is calling the experts. If you can’t troubleshoot your issue, give us a call at 405-799-7745.

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