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Moving a Hot Tub: What You Need to Know Before it’s Delivered

Hot Tub April 04, 2016

Portable hot tubs are frequently moved from one location to another.  In fact, here, at Country Leisure, our team moves at least a few spas every single week.  Many people purchase a portable spa simply because it CAN be moved in the future should the need arise.   Whether you are moving to a new home or purchasing a pre-owned hot tub, be aware of the following considerations before toting your expensive (and precious) relaxation spot around.


Moving a Hot Tub:# 1 It’s heavy!

A Country Leisure Brand Spa weighs about 1200-1500 pounds without water.  We have a team of 3-4 guys that regularly lift, position, and deliver these units.  They have special dollies and lots of experience.  If you are going to try and move one yourself, just make sure that you have PLENTY of help and that you only sit the hot tub on its right or left side, never the front or back.


Moving a Hot Tub:#2 Clearance

You will need to make sure that you have plenty of gate, fence and patio clearance to maneuver the hot tub into position.


Moving a Hot Tub:#3 Electricity

Always have a certified electrician wire for your spa!  Make sure you have plenty (5’-10’ of extra wire from the center of the spa’s new location) to connect to the electrical box on the spa.  Most spa moving teams are unable to move your breaker or existing wire because those items are tied to electricity on your home and only a licensed electrician should connect or disconnect those items.


Moving a Hot Tub: #4 Things come loose

Before moving a spa you should always check to make sure that motors and other equipment are bolted properly to the cabinet.  Rusty screws can break over time, wooden cabinets can deteriorate in places, plumbing can shift, wires can pull away, and many other issues can potentially arise from moving a spa.  Generally, if the spa is well kept and in good shape, moving them is generally not hazardous to the spa.  But, if you have an old spa that has been neglected (especially if it has been drained for some time) you should be aware that repairs after the move could be necessary.

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