What Is an Above Ground Pool Worth?

Above Ground Pools August 12, 2016

We decided to purchase an above ground pool for my family of 6, in August of 2012.  My husband, being the researcher that he is, wanted to know what everything would cost, and what the quality of the different components were going to be. I really wish at the time that I had access to the blog, “How Much Does an Above Ground Pool Cost”.   There is so much good information on what you’re spending your money on and why!

After our research was concluded, we decided to go with a 24’ all steel framed pool.  We spent somewhere around $5,000 for our pool, and everything we would need to go with it, including the installation.  I remember thinking at the time that it was a lot of money to invest in an above ground swimming pool, but what I didn’t know then was how much value would be added to our lives.

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At the time our boys were 1, 8, 10, and 14.  We constantly had our hands full and were always searching for ways to keep them busy. Our older boys were always “plugged in”.  They spent way too much time playing video games on their phones or on the Xbox.  The heat in Oklahoma is brutal mid-summer so getting them unplugged was especially difficult as temperatures climb to 100 degrees.  Now that we have our swimming pool, there is no place they’d rather be! 

The first time we got into the pool we were overwhelmed with happiness.  All 4 boys were having fun with each other, outside, and away from TV’s or cell phones.  Who would have thought that could have been possible in today’s age!?!?  The most gratifying thing for me as a pool owner is being able to sit in the sun and watch my boys play games that I played when I was kid like Marco Polo.  I also enjoy watching the team work and responsibility owning a pool helps foster when the boys get all their toys out to put in the pool and when they take turns putting them away when they’re finished. 

Over the years I’ve been able to see thousands of smiles, tons of laughter and an immense amount of joy. There is nothing like having the opportunity to share our joy with friends and family. Having our boys come together for several hours at a time and play together without being “plugged in” has really made this purchase one of the best we ever made.  So, how much is an above ground pool worth?  

To us, it’s priceless!   

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