Pool School Checklist to Ensure an Easy Pool Closing

Above Ground Pools October 02, 2017



Once the temperatures begin dropping, closing the pool probably becomes much higher on the ‘honey do’ list.  Below we have provided a handy checklist from our most recent pool school to make sure you have everything covered, and ensure opening your pool in the spring is much easier.  Keep in mind, you don’t want to close your pool until your water temperature is holding below 60 degrees – this will ensure algae cannot grow.

  1. Remove the ladder completely from the pool
  2. Clean out all debris and vacuum your pool – ensure your pool water is clear. Closing a dirty pool will ensure you open a dirty pool!
  3. Balance the pH and alkalinity of your water (7.2 – 7.8 and 80 – 150 respectively)
  4. In the morning, add 1 bottle of Combat 60, 1 bottle of Pool Magic, and 1 bottle of Phos Free Extra Strength
  5. That evening shock with chlorine shock at a rate of 1 bag per 10,000 gallons and allow shock to filter through the pool overnight
  6. The next morning, backwash and rinse
  7. Leave water levels where they are, install a gizmo in the skimmer and plug the eyeball with a return plug
  8. Disconnect all hoses
  9. Drain water from filter and move the multi-port valve to ‘winterized’ or in between two positions
  10. Bring motor inside for winter storage
  11. If using, install air pillow (these are optional)
  12. Install winter cover

You will want to ensure you clean the cover once a month to remove any debris; leaves, water, ice, etc – you do not want items to pile up on top of the pool cover, as it will cause the cover to stretch and lessen the cover’s useful life.

These closing steps will work for most pools, ensuring you have an easier time opening your pool in the spring and spend less on opening chemicals getting the pool swim-ready!

Couldn't make it to last weekend's pool school?  We have added one extra pool school on Saturday, October 28th, from 9 - 10 am where we will be going over pool closings one final time for the season!

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