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Hot Tub August 24, 2017

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If you are in the market for a hot tub, you are most likely trying to determine which hot tub brand is the ‘best’.  There are a wide variety of opinions on the best hot tub brands, and the answer really depends on which features are most important to you, as each brand tends to have a ‘claim to fame’ and will focus on specific elements of the hot tub. 

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We thought about this question and how best to answer, and there are two approaches.  The first approach is simply looking online to see what consumer rating agencies say on the topic.  We found that Consumer Affairs rated what they deemed to be the top 9 hot tub brands, and have given a brief summary of their findings:

  1. Cal Spas – they were established in 1979 and are a top manufacturer of home resort products
  2. Master Spas – they are the largest swim spa manufacturer, and you might recognize, they carry the Michael Phelps Swim Spa
  3. ThermoSpas – founded in 1983, they strive to provide the best hot tubs on the market
  4. Sundance Spas – they were also established in 1979 and are the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of acrylic hot tubs
  5. Caldera Spas – they strive to be the best in residential hot tubs with jets and seasts specially sculpted to focus on muscle groups for ultimate therapy
  6. Hot Springs Spas – they strive for the best customer service experience in the industry
  7. Dimension One Spas – they feature exclusive Vision Filter sanitizing system to leave the hot tub water feeling soft on your skin
  8. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs – they have been a leading manufacturer of home spas for over 50 years
  9. Life Spas – they specialize in hot tubs and gazebos

However, we are often asked by our customers what our opinion is on the various brands available.  In an effort to ensure you can make the most educated decision on the best hot tub for you and your family, we answered this question from our experience in the industry and who we would ‘shop’ personally for our family.  These are our top 5 hot tub brands, in alphabetical order:

  1. Bullfrog Spas – they are in our top 5 due to quality of construction and frankly, the innovation of their product…they introduced the ‘Jet Pack’ design, allowing customers to purchase various ‘Jet Packs’ to essentially design their own hot tub, however, this innovative product is only successful if you, as the buyer, purchase the various ‘jet packs’ offered.


  1. Dynasty Spas – although this brand is not currently represented in Oklahoma, they earn a spot in our top 5 based on industry partners – our above ground pool manufacturer actually carries this brand of hot tub on their showroom and install about 5,000 of these hot tubs a year in Canada – our partner would not continue selling at that level if this was not a consistently high quality hot tub.


  1. Hot Springs – based on longevity of the company and what we know and understand of their manufacturing process, we feel they produce a consistently quality product that focuses attention on circuit therapy and the therapeutic benefits that can be obtained with a hot tub.


  1. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs – they earn their spot on our list for longevity and being there in the very beginning – it was actually Roy Jacuzzi that came out with the first self-contained whirlpool bath, which was one step to launching the portable hot tub industry.


  1. Master Spas – best known for the Michael Phelps Swim Spa, they are definitely the leader when it comes to swim spas, as they are the largest manufacturer of swim spas in the world, and we have not found a swim spa yet that can compete with theirs – added bonus, their manufacturing plant is headquartered in Indiana.


Depending on how you plan to use your hot tub, whether socially or for health and family benefits, make sure the brand of hot tub you select is focused on the features that you and/or your family feel are the most important – this will ensure you are not disappointed down the road!

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