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Sprucing Up Your Spa for Holiday Hosting

April 04, 2016

It’s that time of year once again! You’ve dug around the attic for all the boxes marked “decorations.” The mantle is adorned with garland and stockings. The tree is up and you found the one burnt bulb that kept the rest of the string from lighting up.

With guests coming to stay for the holidays, they’ll be raiding your pantry, taking your favorite seat in the living room and of course, wanting to use your hot tub. You’ve gone through the effort of crafting a beautiful street view and filling the home with Christmas trinkets but have you given your hot tub the attention it deserves? With your spa being a prime destination for guests, don’t miss this opportunity to take your Christmas spirit the extra mile.

Most hot tubs are a prominent feature of the backyards where they reside. Make yours a welcoming and festive place by making it a primary attraction. Try wrapping garland and outdoor lights under the lip of your spa’s cabinetry but make sure to protect any electrical connections using a waterproof container like a Stanley EZ Protect Box. Or, you can skip the lights and hang sturdy ornaments from your garland. Yard ornaments can also make for a great addition.

Your hot tub is an investment worth sharing with all your holiday guests. Showcase your holiday spirit by submitting your spa for our Holiday Hot Tub Photo Contest on Facebook and win a package of items for caring for and getting the most out of your hot tub! We can’t wait to see your creativity!

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