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Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) and Oklahoma City ISR Instructors

April 04, 2016


               Photo Credit: donnierayjones via Compfight CC                Photo Credit: donnierayjones via Compfight CC

A pioneer in the field of survival swimming for infants and young children, Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) has been providing safe and effective aquatic instruction for nearly 50 years. ISR’s motto, “Not One More Child Drowns,” reflects the organization’s fundamental mission to combat the leading cause of accidental death for American children under the age of 4.

Although ISR has made great strides over the years, it is still working to expand its outreach. Despite external safeguards such as enclosed yards, pool alarms, and careful adult supervision, more than 4,000 drowning deaths occur in the United States on an annual basis. The success of the ISR program rests on the single element that these other safeguards overlook: the children themselves.

ISR teaches kids water safety and swimming skills


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The ISR Self-Rescue program has experienced a dramatic increase in popularity since its introduction in 1966. The product of extensive research and development, this program employs a range of techniques that are customized according to each child’s age and level of ability in the water.

ISR aquatic lessons for infants (between 6 and 12 months old) teach children how to roll onto their backs in order to float, rest, and breathe until help arrives. ISR also offers attentive, one-on-one instruction for children between 1 and 6 years old.

In addition to stressing the importance of ISR floating techniques, these more advanced programs teach kids to swim with their heads down; roll onto their backs to float, rest, and breathe; and then roll back onto their stomachs to resume swimming. By using this “swim-float-swim” survival sequence, older children can ultimately reach the side of the pool where they can either crawl out by themselves or cling to the wall until they can be rescued.

The global leader in its industry, ISR currently supports approximately 450 highly trained instructors throughout the United States and beyond. To date, the organization has delivered more than 7,750,000 Self-Rescue lessons and graduated more than 260,000 water-ready children. A proven success, ISR has also compiled over 800 well-documented survival stories of children who have saved themselves from drowning using the organization’s precautionary and protective techniques.

Jack Swim-Float-Swim from Infant Swimming Resource on Vimeo.


SR instructors in OKC

Residents of Oklahoma City can choose among several fully certified and highly experienced ISR instructors. Working in conjunction with both private and public swimming facilities, these instructors are more than happy to further explain ISR techniques and polices, answer any questions that you might have, and address your child’s specific aquatic needs and concerns.

The following in is a partial list of the ISR Self-Rescue instructors in the greater Oklahoma City region:


Brandi Ylla (Oklahoma City) – Offers winter lessons at a heated indoor pool near SW Meridian and summer lessons at a heated outdoor residential pool near 134th and S May Avenue.

Debbie Coldiron (Moore) – Offers lessons at a private facility near 19th and Bryant.

Marcy Toler (Yukon) – Offers winter lessons at a heated indoor pool near W Memorial Road and summer lessons at a private pool near the Northwest Expressway and Morgan Road.


Tiffany Rains (Edmond) – Offers winter lessons at a heated indoor pool on E 2nd Street close to I-35 and summer lessons at a private pool at 2nd and Coltrane.

Twyla Taylor (Yukon and Edmond) – Offers lessons at a heated indoor pool at I-40 and Mustang Road in Yukon and a heated private outdoor pool in Edmond.

Chantelle Porter (South Oklahoma City) – Offers lessons at her heated home pool off SW 104thbetween May and Penn.

Mariah Sandford (Oklahoma City) – Offers lessons within the greater Oklahoma City metropolitan area.

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