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Turning Your Pools Green: Environmentally Friendly Pool Tips

Service April 04, 2016

Turning your pool green doesn’t mean filling it with green Jell-O or letting algae take over. The phrase “green” is referring to the newest craze to sweep the nation: becoming eco-friendly and energy efficient. While there are a few things that readily come to mind—cars, homes, factories—this focuses on turning a summer favorite into an energy-saving solace: the swimming pool.

What’s in it for me?

It’s easy to put off changing something you’ve become accustomed to: change is scary, expensive, and hard work, right? Wrong! Turning your pool green is relatively inexpensive, and can save you thousands in the long run. Instead of setting aside your precious free time to completely overhaul your pool, simply change a few habits and you’ll be well on your way to a happier wallet.

Besides simply reducing your electric bills, a green pool can also reduce water and energy waste. Over 95% of a pool’s heat loss occurs at the surface, where heat evaporates water into the sky. A few changes in pool care can mean fewer chemical treatments on your pool, and less power consumption of your pump.

If you’re still wary of putting in a little time, consider this: most states offer tax incentives for savvy homeowners looking to get green. Turning your pool into a green oasis just may put a little more green back into your budget!

How to Do It

Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

Before your couch potato ways kick in, let’s set down the TV remote and take a look at our pool pump. New pumps are available in two-speed, four-speed, and variable-speed models that increase energy efficiency by employing lower day-time speeds. Newer pump models also move the water more efficiently, which reduces the amount of chemical treatments and cleaning required for your pool. The harder your pump is working for you, the less your filter has to, leading to even more savings.

Pool Covers

Pool covers are an easy way to cut back on water evaporation so you’re not refilling your pool as often. If your pool is heated, placing a solar-friendly cover on your pool will allow nature to warm your pool for you while giving your heater a break. Shielding your pool from wind-blown areas will also help your pool remain full and warm without taking a chunk out of your wallet. Savings could be as easy as remembering to put the cover on your pool when you’re not ready to swim!

Being Aware of Your Environment

Maintenance is the best preventative method for pool care. Things as simple as turning the heater on your pool down when its warm outside can drastically alter your carbon footprint. To help keep the temperature just right, install a thermostat or thermometer in your pool water to gauge the fluctuation. Investing in timers for your pump and heater can also save you from having to constantly turn the devices on and off. Switching your current pool bulbs for LED lights will also drastically cut costs, and avoid wasting water by limiting the amount you backwash the pool filter.

While saving the planet can seem like a huge undertaking, there are a few simple steps you can do at home to preserve energy and water. While some upgrades are more time consuming than others, the majority of eco-friendly pool solutions require a simple change in habit. Take a weekend to upgrade the green features on your pool, and your wallet will thank you!

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